Christopherson Column: I’ll get over my Trump Derangement Syndrome

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    What additional research needs to be done on the COVID-19 vaccines that have emerged, each of which has a rate of effectiveness of at least 90%?

    I pose this question as a person who knows very little to nothing about the kind of science that’s conducted in a medical research laboratory, or what kind of expertise is required when doctors, nurses and other medical professionals diagnose, treat, and, hopefully, cure various diseases and maladies.

   I pose this question to a longtime nurse, someone I’ve known and liked very much since junior high school...a nurse whose political views differ from mine, and a nurse who received her first COVID-19 vaccine dose last week.

    She did so with some reluctance. On social media, she said she chose to get vaccinated because she’s in the medical field and it’s important for her and her colleagues to protect themselves and the patients they treat. But, she added, she wished she didn’t feel so rushed and that she had time to do more research on the COVID-19 vaccine.

    If afforded that time, what research would she conduct? Seriously. Where would she go to get the information to bolster her comfort level with getting vaccinated?

    She can’t be concerned about its efficacy, can she? Who out there, in the medical field or in politics, government or anywhere else, is disputing the level of effectiveness? There is much less controversy surrounding the annual flu vaccine, and in some years it barely eclipses 50% effectiveness.

    Does she think it’s impossible to discover such a remarkably effective vaccine in only a few months when in the past such an accomplishment has typically taken years? Instead of questioning it, how about saluting those who worked tirelessly to achieve such a feat in such rapid fashion?

    Or, does my longtime nurse friend need to consult with those who think the pandemic is a hoax and that the various COVID-19 vaccines and the plan to distribute them to the masses as fast as possible is all part of the government’s covert plan to inject Americans with a microscopic computer chip? There are people who don’t just suspect that’s the case, they assume it’s the case and recite it as fact.

    For all of his faults, Trump isn’t questioning the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.                 I’m guessing my nurse friend, while possibly questioning how the COVID-19 virus initially came to be unleashed on the world – A diabolical creation in a Chinese lab? – knows how nasty and deadly it can be. I think she is simply suspicious of shady behavior surrounding the vaccine itself.         

    Because it’s all a conspiracy; everything is a conspiracy. We can make light of the unhinged accusations under the Q’Anon umbrella, but the problem is that all of the frenzied “Q” furor is merely a minuscule sliver in what can best be described as an infinite conspiracy pie baked and served up by Trump’s army of sous chefs.

    The 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump, as part of the conspiracy. There’s no evidence of that, and courts presided over by numerous judges appointed by Trump himself have not only thrown cases challenging the election results out of their chambers swiftly, they’ve often done so with some attitude, making a point to note that the cases brought before them are alarmingly without merit. Doesn’t matter. They’re in on the conspiracy, too. The lack of evidence to support any allegations of election wrongdoing that steered it in President-elect Joe Biden’s favor is all part of the conspiracy, too.

    It’s lazy, is what it is...claiming everything you disagree with is a conspiracy and, not only that, the fact that there is zero evidence to support your theories is part of a larger conspiracy.

    Not long after Trump’s 2016 election, his most passionate supporters diagnosed his most passionate detractors with “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” They told those afflicted with TDS to get over it already. “(Expletive) your feelings!” they said.

    What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. Pick whatever timeless saying you want.

    Your hero and savior lost. Your crutch that you lean on to explain everything that you perceive to be wrong in your world and justify how you react is the worst president in the history of the United States of America. Not to diminish Trump’s misdeeds spread out basically over his entire adult life that he seamlessly carried into his presidency – sorry, TDS is flaring up again –  his actions since Nov. 3 and especially over the past couple of weeks should not further embolden you or fan the flames of your Trump-love, they should sicken you.

    But there’s a vaccine for that, and it doesn’t need to be created in a lab and injected into your arm. It’s already in you. You can cure yourself. All you have to do is belief facts to be true.

Mike Christopherson, Crookston Times managing editor