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As low as $3 for 3 months

Letter to the Editor: Many good things about Line 3 replacement project

Submitted by Peter J. Nelson
Crookston Times

    Line 3 construction has finally begun, and it is exciting to see such positive momentum in Northern Minnesota. From operating engineers, to laborers, to Teamsters drivers, thousands of workers are now on the job to complete this project over the course of 2021. For the workers, this means consistent work after a year that has been slower than normal. For many, it means that they can work closer to home and spend more time with their families. For businesses in the area, the influx of workers is keeping stores, restaurants, and hotels busy, showing hope in a year of COVID restrictions and a decrease in tourism.

    For the communities, this project goes through, they will soon be able to count on an increase of millions in tax revenue each year. This state needs this project. It is putting thousands to work in one of the largest economic downturns in our country’s history. It is helping businesses stay afloat, it’s protecting our environment, and it’s ensuring we have a reliable supply of oil to our state refineries.

    There are those who are still trying to disrupt this project, even after it has passed every test in the approval process and even after it has begun to have such a positive impact on Northern Minnesota. Let us hope that they at least respect that this project is still going to be built, respect those who are out there building it, and respect the communities that are depending on it.

Peter J. Nelson

Principal - President

Integrated Process Solutions, Inc.

Fosston, Minnesota