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As low as $3 for 3 months

LETTER: Infrastructure projects like Line 3 are critically important, bring many benefits

Submitted by Brian Holmer
Crookston Times

    It has taken almost 6 years for the Line 3 Replacement Project to get started but we are finally here. The best part about it is you can already see benefits of the project around the communities where work is starting.

    This should be a good sign for the future of labor in our state. If Line 3 can finally get going after this long, then maybe other projects can get going that will help our state, such as Polymet.

    These large-scale projects do more good than people often realize.

    They help out communities immediately and in the long run. Beyond the paycheck impact, they bring additional tax revenue that is generated for years to come. This helps fund schools, keep restaurants and hotels open, and put food on the tables of thousands of workers.

    These projects must continue to happen. If we just let our infrastructure deteriorate, we are creating too much risk to our environment. By being proactive in improving our infrastructure we not only help out the everyday person and the community, we protect our economy and our environment.

Brian Holmer

Thief River Falls mayor