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As low as $3 for 3 months

Letter to the Editor: Great to see Line 3 project underway

Submitted by Christian Kiel
Crookston Times

    It is awesome, as we head into the Christmas break, to see the economic activity around the Line 3 Replacement already benefiting our local community.  

    2020 has been such a challenging year in so many respects.  For those of us who farm in the area, it was ironically a far better year than 2019 outside of the health concerns around this Pandemic.  But that isn’t the same reality for so many in our communities.  

    Because safe energy transportation is so critical to Agriculture, we’ve been following the Line 3 Replacement permitting process from the beginning.  There have been times, in the past, when a lack of pipeline capacity, or delays in permitting, forced critical petroleum resources to occupy the rail cars we depend on to move our crops.  With the final permitting of Line 3, this is yet another concern that no longer has to add to the stress of an Agricultural Community.

    Most significantly, from all I’ve read and what I’ve seen the construction workers who are in our communities and spending money in our stores and hotels are here under some pretty incredible and positive Covid Protocols.  We should all be proud of our community Public Health Officials for helping to drive those protocols.  

    The Line 3 replacement next door in North Dakota was completed safely and without incident during the heat of the Pandemic and the heart of Beet harvest.  It was great for those communities, especially the retail businesses, hotels and restaurants.  

    Our Crookston area businesses have been struggling.  As we get through the Christmas Holiday and into the new year, the buzz of construction work and the investment we are seeing in our local communities is an incredibly optimistic blessing.  And it couldn’t happen at a better time.  

Christian Kiel