Letter: Thanks to Republican controlled Senate

Submitted by Joy Orvis
Crookston Times

    It is no secret local businesses have been hurt this year from the Covid-19 pandemic.   Everyone took a hit, especially our hair salons and cafes.

    However, Minnesota businesses were hit extra hard compared to businesses in North Dakota due to the overly harsh lockdown. Sadly, it had taken too long for our government to realize they can trust our businesses to reopen safely. After all, we all want our communities to remain healthy.

    In addition to the hardships due to the lockdown, we now fear the possibility of another threat to business owners in the form of increased taxes. Minnesota will be facing a huge budget deficit in the upcoming legislative session. The Minnesota DFL proposed $12 billion in new taxes last session when we had a surplus including a 20 cent per gallon gas tax, which would have hurt everybody. So, it is concerning what taxes our businesses could be hit with next.

    Thanks to the Republican controlled Minnesota Senate we did not have any tax increases from the last legislative session. Senator Mark Johnson and his Republican colleagues in the Senate killed every bill that would increase taxes and fought continuously to reopen area businesses sooner.

    Sen Mark Johnson, Rep. Deb Kiel and John Burkel all understand that we cannot increase the tax burden on Minnesota businesses at this time. Sen. Johnson and Rep. Kiel have fought tirelessly to lower the cost of doing business from property tax relief to lessening government regulations.

    John Burkel, who is running for MN House 1A, will join them in this fight. I urge your readers to help Minnesota businesses move forward by supporting the MN Republican Senate’s vision of no new taxes and allowing our businesses to stay open. If we don’t, we could see many more of our rural businesses go under.

Joy Orvis

Warroad, Minnesota