Letter: Farmers need Peterson in Congress

Submitted by Gary Purath
Crookston Times

    Minnesota’s corn farmers need allies in Washington now more than ever. In Rep. Peterson, we currently have a steadfast supporter of our ag sector who is also one of the most influential voices on agriculture in Congress.

    As chair of the House Ag Committee, Peterson is widely respected by both parties on the issues that impact my fourth-generation farm.

    If Rep. Peterson does not return to Congress in 2021, I worry about who the next chair of the House Ag Committee will be. Looking at the current makeup of the committee, the next legislator to take the role will almost certainly not be from the Midwest. Knowing that, I wonder what impact that will have on the next farm bill, or where will the leadership come from on the many issues that impact our region’s corn, soybean, cereal, dairy and sugar beet farmers?

    My hope is Rep. Peterson is re-elected and returns to the leadership role, so we don’t have to find out.

Gary Purath

Red Lake Falls, Minnesota