Letter: What happened to real Republicans? And who's stealing Biden/Harris signs?

Submitted by Elaine Torpet of Fertile
Crookston Times

    I am a Naturalized American Citizen (which means that I have gone through extreme vetting and given up my Country to be a Citizen, a process right now that I wish all Americans are required to do).  I am a Registered Democrat.  We are called Socialists by the uninformed.  Every time you drive on roads, cash your Social Security checks, send your kids to public schools, visit free libraries, etc. you are being a Socialist…….think on that.

    Last Friday night, thieves came onto our property and STOLE our BIDEN/HARRIS  sign.

    Monday, October 5th, a family moved into Fertile, put up their BIDEN/HARRIS sign & Friday night it was stolen from their property.  WELCOME TO FERTILE MINNESOTA!

    A woman in Fertile had a BIDEN/HARRIS sign in her yard, went into a Fertile business and was called a Communist for having that sign.  Has it really come to this?

    Since Friday night, I have been told these are not isolated instances, but a movement to scare and discourage other opinions by driving around stealing signs and destroying them. The Polk County Sheriff has been informed and till someone with trail cameras catches them on camera, it is difficult to zero in on the thieves but  the police are onto it and we know that the next theft will be easier if they are not caught.  These are very illegal criminal acts of theft. Our signs represent views regarding health care, economies, climate, and how the Covid-19 was handled, among many other issues.  We are entitled to have our signs and opinions, as are the Trump people and the Republicans.

    Our President, Donald Trump, called our military personnel losers and suckers!  My Dad’s youngest two brothers and my mother’s brother wore the Canadian uniform, fighting as an ally beside US troops in WW2.  Uncle Bud, at 19 years old, was killed in battle while Uncle Jack flew the smoke screens over him, & Uncle Dave did communications/radio.  My uncles were NOT LOSERS OR SUCKERS, Mr. Trump (& you have not even worn the uniform)!

    Our President has lied about everything, all for his personal gain with no concern for our Country. Our Statesmen are so afraid of his retaliation that they have lost their credibility and act like sheep, just following blindly in hopes of being reelected. His handling of the Covid-19 Virus was disgusting, showing he has no faith in his fellow Americans, as he said he was afraid we would panic, rather than him facing up to his mishandling of the Virus and by the time you read this we will have lost over 220,000 lives to say nothing of the millions of those who have survived the Virus but have lingering ailments.…ye gods!  Remember, he said he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it?  Remember at the Mexican border, him having babies snatched from their nursing mothers’ arms, left in cages (last I heard there are still about 1,000 that they cannot get back to their families) because there was no plan, just push ahead with this cruel, unthinkable act and several of the many children caged like animals, died there.  Must we become a Militant State where peaceful protesters were attacked so The Donald could hold up a Bible in front of a Church for a photo op?  These are only a few of my concerns regarding this President and there are many more as “the truth is not in him”.   Just because our President is a habitual liar does not mean that his followers can go about stealing from us.  All these concerns of mine are documented so you can check them out, if you doubt me.

    This is the first time in the nearly 60 years I have lived here, that I have ever questioned the patriotism of a President, though we have disagreed on issues but never have I doubted their love of our Country.  After watching the Presidential Debate, right along with the rest of the world, I was so saddened and ashamed that we had to see on TV such rude, disgusting behavior from anyone, let alone our President.

    I have many Republican friends and I admire them even though we disagree politically but these are not the Sarah Palin/Tea Party/Donald Trump faction.  They are of the GOP.  Remember, the GOP, the Grand Old Party that touted honesty, high morals, ethics, fiscal responsibility, etc., etc.?  Democrats & Republicans used to fight like Hell over issues for the betterment of our Country, come to an agreement for legislation and then still, at the end of the day, be friends & co-statesmen with respect for each other.  Now it is we/they and only division.  What happened?  Amazingly, Donald Trump was chosen from 15/16 candidates!  We listened to all their debates and any one of those candidates would have been an able, concerned leader for our Country, but you chose Donald Trump.

    Real Republicans, (the GOP Republicans) I beg you to vote for BIDEN/HARRIS (even if you have to hold your noses), get rid of Donald Trump and his ilk, who have kidnapped your party and torn it apart, and then you can begin to rebuild your Party to be a Party like your grandparents, your parents and you have proudly supported.

    It was only a sign that was stolen from our property on last Friday night.  What will be stolen next?  Are we all still safe in our homes around Fertile when people are stealing from us on our properties?  I think not.

    Sign me a frightened, discouraged citizen of the Fertile area.

Elaine Torpet

Fertile, Minnesota