Letter: Peterson continues to be the best person for the job

Submitted by George Hulstrand, Jr. of Willmar
Crookston Times

    Please consider this as an endorsement for the re-election of Collin Peterson to the U.S. Congress from our district.

    I grew up in a Democratic household in Willmar, Minnesota. My father, George Hulstrand Sr., was a county chairman in Kandiyohi County in Willmar for 15 years.

    We had a plethora of Democrats come through our doors over the years, namely: Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale, Alec Olson (our congressman from 1962 to 1966), Tom Daschle (South Dakota senator), and Hale Boggs (House majority whip from Louisiana), to name a few.

    I have seen very few with the political independence of Peterson. Yes, he runs under the banner of the Democratic Party. But I have seen his independence in many ways:

    • For all of you Trump supporters out there, Peterson was the one Democrat who voted against impeachign Donald Trump. He didn’t make a big deal out of it, he just did it.

    • He has always been pro-life. You look back on his voting record and he has always supported the right to life for our youngest citizens, whether it has been opposing taxpayer-funding for abortions, opposition to fetal research, and a total ban on partial-birth abortion.

    • He is second to none in the Congress for his for our major industry, which is, of course, agriculture.

    • He is head of the Agriculture Committee in Congress, and is supported by all members of that committee, Republicans included.

    Many years ago, the whole Agriculture Committee came out to Marshall for a hearing. There were almost no members of the public there, but I was. That is when I saw how much the committee loved this man. Unlike the rest of Congress, these folks do not fight with each other, they work together.

    I am sorry, but Michelle Fischbach, even though she will not admit it, knows nothing about agriculture. If we elect her, we will lose all of this.

    She wants us to believe that she is the pro-life candidate because of who her mother is (Darla St. Martin), but that is not sufficient.

    Arlan Stangeland said it best: “I have to admit it now. Collin Peterson is the best man for the job.” Stangeland, a Republican, was Collin Peterson’s predecessor. Collin Peterson had to run against him three times to defeat him.

George Hulstrand, Jr.

Willmar, Minnesota