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Letter to the Editor - America’s new reality TV: The new equation in American government

Submitted by James W. Thomasson, PhD
Crookston Times

    You don’t have to be a mathematical genius to decipher the

new equation in American government:

    Bannon (Lenin) (Manafort)(Stone) + Sessions (Stalin) (Bard) + DeVos (Krupskaia) (Duvaney) + Tillerson (Gorbachev) (Pompeo)(Giuliani) = Trump (Apprentice Putin)

    Although drafted in the early days of the Trump intended dictatorship, as attested by a couple of name changes added, current developments, such as Russian collusion,  the Ukraine “quid pro Donald”, threatened government shut-down attached to the “Wall”, reports of Mueller meandering, the recent chamber comedy interlude {“Waltzing through the Field of Impeachment},  the new “reality show” features “Apprentice Putin”! Although no announcement has been made, some think segments of “Apprentice Putin” have already aired on Fox “news”! {Thank you to Shawn Haggerly and “Plush Lintball}.

    It’s time to tell Apprentice Putin: “You’re Fired!”

James W. Thomasson, PhD,

Executive Director, The Woodside Center for Interdisciplinary Studies