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Letter to the Editor from District 1 Sen Johnson: Recent letters were far from accurate

Submitted by District 1 State Sen. Mark Johnson
Crookston Times

    To me, late summer and fall is the most pleasant time of the year. However, that is not always true. Take, for instance, that same period during an election year. This is when the parade of half-truths and mostly lies can ruin even the best weather. Well, the season is upon us and the parade has started. In two recent LOR’s in various papers across my district, two authors gathered their facts from some abridged version of Twitter to give an astonishingly warped view of my recent voting record. 

    In the first letter (Support Needed for MN Bill), Brent Lindstrom accuses me of turning my back on veterans when in fact a week BEFORE his letter came out fellow Republicans and I proposed, debated, and passed the very bill he accused me of blocking. You did not miss those facts in his LOR - they simply weren’t included. Even though his premise is blatantly false, I will have to give the letter credit for its literary creativity in turning reality into fiction in just a few short paragraphs. 

    The second letter (St. Sens. Gazelka and Johnson aren’t worth of titles) was equally misleading in its attempt to persuade readers that the Senate’s vote to remove Commissioner Leppink was a conspiracy of malice. This author has simply chosen to ignore the fact that the Commissioner viewed her job as an activist instead of an unbiased public servant working between both Labor and Industry. Clearly, she belongs in a lobby group - not as an agency head.  

    I understand we are in the heat of political campaigns, but the parsing and cutting of choice phrases and events to shade reality into the opposite is disappointing. It is especially disappointing to see in NW MN. I strive for honesty and sincerity for the district that raised me in the fundamentals of common sense. I certainly hope these letters were honest mistakes and that this is no indication of the political season to come.

District 1 State Sen. Mark Johnson

R-East Grand Forks, Minnesota