Polk County launches online property valuation initiative

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Crookston Times

    Polk County has launched an “Equitable Property Value Hub” website to help ensure fair and transparent property appraisals for local property owners.

    The site (Equitable Property Value | Polk County, Minnesota (arcgis.com)) makes it easy for property owners and others in the county for whom the property valuation process is important – such as real estate professionals – to easily find out how the county appraises properties, view statistics on property valuation, calculate homestead tax, start an appeal in relation to a property appraisal and explore web apps that can help answer questions about properties in Polk County.

    Capabilities offered include those listed below, all of which are accessed at Equitable Property Value (arcgis.com):

    • Property information dashboard – at-a-glance statistics on property sales in Polk County

    • Tax liability calculator – quickly find out your estimated tax liability for residential property.

    • Property applications

    • Tax Parcel Viewer – access property tax and assessment information

    • My Tax Distribution – learn how property taxes are distributed in the community.

    • Sales Comp Finder – find comparable property sales and related property information.

    • Floodplain Inquiry – locate parcels impacted by FEMA floodplain boundaries.

    • Sales Search – look up traditional sales and related property information.

    • Tax Sales – locate tax reverted properties sold at auction and over the counter.

    • Start an appeal – property owners who feel their property has been unfairly appraised can get started with the appeal process.

    • Property data – the data that is used to provide fair and equitable property valuation.

    • “Follow” the site – stay informed in relation to key property valuation dates.

    The Equitable Property Value Hub forms an extension of Polk County’s Hub (Polk County Hub (arcgis.com)) where resources on elections, COVID-19, public safety, land records and public works are shared in an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly environment based on interactive web maps and location technology.

    Rick Thompson, Polk County GIS coordinator, said: “Improving transparency around property appraisals and making that information easy to find and understand is important to both the county and taxpayers. The new Equitable Property Value Hub gives local property owners the tools to find answers to their questions at any time, on their own device, as well as allowing the Assessor’s office to operate more efficiently.”

    Mark Landsverk, Polk County assessor, said: “We look forward to giving taxpayers the opportunity to access the Equitable Property Value Hub data, either as a place to research real estate markets or property taxes on their own or as a way to interact and work with county government to ensure equitable valuation of property.  One of our goals is to keep the public informed on valuation and taxation, and the EPV is a great new tool to do so.”

    Polk County is one of the first organizations in the country to implement the specific technology product behind its Equitable Property Value Hub.

    The “Equitable Property Value Initiative for ArcGIS Hub” is a new product developed by Esri, the global market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software, whose products are used by almost all local governments in the United States.     Polk County was also one of the first counties to deploy ArcGIS Hub technology to serve the public and county staff, proving to be successful in pioneering this new software.

    The County collaborated with Pro-West & Associates (https://www.prowestgis.com), a GIS consulting firm based in Walker, Minnesota to implement its Equitable Property Value Hub.

Equitable Property Value Hub