2020 City Council Election Profile: Jake Fee

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

Tell us about yourself, your family, education, career and political experience.

    I’m 38 and I am born and raised in Crookston. I am blessed to have a amazing 8 year old daughter Sophia, who turns 9 on November 1st. I went to college for radio broadcasting and worked at KROX since I was 16 until around 6 years ago. I am currently at the Crookston Eagles Club. My only political experience has been my time on the city council for the last four years.

How long have you served as a Crookston City Council member?

    I was elected in 2016 and have served Ward 1 since then.

What do you hope to accomplish if elected for another term?

    My hope is that we continue on the progress made this past year. We had far too much dysfunction my first three years on the council but this past year things have gotten better. We have a new city administrator starting and I believe we found a great one that can continue to lead Crookston in a positive direction.

Do you feel you’ve been open enough to the members of your ward and the community to speak on their behalf?

    I am always willing to answer questions if I am able to. I will also pass along any concerns they may have durning our discussions as a council.

Many people in the area feel that communication is the Council’s weakest point - both with other council members/mayor/staff, and with the community. Do you feel you can fix that if elected to another term? How? Give examples if you’d like.

    Communication has absolutely been our biggest weakness. When we had the meet and greet for the city administrator, that is what I asked each one. It really will be the role of the city administrator to keep the council informed and just as important, the community. Amy really stood out on her answers to those questions and why I am expecting it to improve.

In regards to the handling of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, name one thing you agree with that Governor Walz has done for the state of Minnesota. Explain.

    I thought the school reopening plan was done pretty well. Have the numbers in each county dictate what happens.  

In regards to the handling of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, name one thing you disagree with that Governor Walz has done for the state of Minnesota. Explain.

        What his restrictions have been on the bars and restaurants. His departments going in and fining business owners just trying to survive. MNOSHA fined a restaurant owner $7,000 because a worker was wearing a face shield and not a mask. Why are inspections not being done on big box stores and other industries. A recent survey in Minnesota showed that if nothing changes in the next four to six months, 52% of Minnesota's restaurant and foodservice businesses will close permanently. And that jumps to 70% if there are no changes in six to 12 months. Bars and Restaurants should be following the guidelines but the State should be working with them to correct it rather than fining owners that are struggling.

What do you like to do for fun? Hobbies?

    I love to travel, can’t get enough of it. I have a lot of places I want to go to still so whenever the pandemic is over I would like to start crossing some locations off my list.

What is your favorite place to visit in Crookston? How about in Minnesota?

    My daughter likes to visit all of our beautiful parks in town. I like to visit the Brainerd lakes area and the North Shore is amazing.

What is your favorite restaurant and where is it located?

    Well other than the ones in Crookston, I love seafood so any good seafood place.  

Jake Fee