Polk County 2022 tax levy set at 3.5%, commissioners approve salary increase

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

Polk County Board of Commissioners officially adopted the county's 2022 budget this week and set the net levy at $25,875,000, an increase of 3.5% over the 2021 levy. The total budget is $60,514,465 exclusive of enterprise and miscellaneous operating funds or $74,127,971 with those funds included.

The commissioners also approved a 2% salary increase for themselves and set their per diems for 2022. District 4 Commissioner Joan Lee voted against the salary increase and said she didn't feel they needed the increase. The 2022 commissioner salary is set at $33,674.58 plus they're afforded the standard full time equivalent employee cafeteria plan for benefits.

The commissioner's insurance will remain the same as 2021 and their per diems remain at $75 for the meetings listed in their resolution.

2022 wage grids were also set for the County Administrator, department heads and non-union employees with compensation amounts listed for the County Administrator at $147,010.96; County Attorney at $138,680.12 and County Sheriff at $123,422.62.

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