Polk County Board of Commissioners passes resolution in support of Second Amendment

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

The Polk County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution this week in support of the Second Amendment despite pleas from their county attorney to remain nonpartisan. There were five members of the public at the meeting showing their support for the resolution.

Attorney Greg Widseth told the board that after they tabled the resolution at a previous meeting he gave them a memo that suggested they pass guidelines of when they address resolutions and it was his recommendation not to address this issue because "it's political in nature and not in your budget or your programs." He added that the board was opening a "Pandora's box" and other issues may come before them, plus mentioned the resolution does nothing to change firearm laws nor does it have any legal effect.

"I've given you my legal advice, if you pass it I ask that you pass it in the form in front of you," Widseth continued. "My recommendation is you don't do this as it will come up in more and more issues."

Widseth later mentioned that the Polk County Board of Commissioners has historically been a non-partisan body and repeated that they should concentrate their efforts on their programs and budgets.

After the motion and second in support of the resolution, Commissioner Jerry Jacobson said he was aware that other counties such as Roseau County and Becker County passed similar resolutions and stated "the second amendment is a pillage to our constitution."

"We all love our country, we have to take these resolutions as they come," Jacobson added.

Commissioner Board Chair Joan Lee answered Jacobson saying, "No we don't."

Commissioner Gary Willhite said on this particular resolution that when they took their oath of office they agreed to protect the constitution, but understood Widseth's concern. The resolution then passed unanimously.

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Polk County resolution supporting Second Amendment