4 City of Crookston administrator finalists arrive in town

Mike Christopherson
The four City of Crookston administrator finalists gather for a photo in front of one of the two ponds in Nature's View Estates. Left to right, they are Chase Waggoner, Amy Finch, Sally Dufner and Dana Schoening.

The four finalists for the City of Crookston administrator position are in town in advance of their interviews before the city council and Mayor Dale Stainbrook on Thursday.

The finalists, Amy Finch, Chase Waggoner, Sally Dufner and Dana Schoening, were whittled from an applicant pool of more than 30 by the consulting firm hired by the council, DDA Human Resources, Inc. The firm picked 10 candidates from the original pool and the council eventually picked four from the 10 to invite to town for interviews.

The finalists Wednesday afternoon took a tour of the community, which included a stop at Crookston High School to visit with Superintendent Jeremy Olson and longtime teacher Kim Davidson. From there, they went to the University of Minnesota Crookston campus, where Chancellor Mary Holz-Clause chatted with them at the gazebo on the campus mall. Another interesting stop on the tour was one of the two ponds in developer Bob Herkenhoff's Nature's View Estates north of Eickhof Boulevard.

Schoening, with a later-arriving flight, joined the group after the stop at UMN Crookston.

The public is invited to a meet-and-greet with the four finalists at the Crookston Inn Wednesday evening from 5 to 7 p.m.

Thursday, individual interviews by the council and mayor of the finalists will commence at 8:30 a.m. at city hall. After the four interviews, the council will convene a special meeting to discuss the interviews and potentially select a finalist and make a job offer.

In the Crookston High School parking lot, three of the four City of Crookston administrator finalists chatted with Superintendent Jeremy Olson and teacher Kim Davidson, both off camera. Pictured left to right are finalist Amy Finch, city council member Tom Vedbraaten, finalist Sally Dufner, council member Clayton Briggs, finalist Chase Waggoner, and management consultant Liza Donabauer with DDA Human Resources, Inc. Finalist Dana Schoening had a later flight and arrived later in the tour.