LETTER: Vedbraaten's comments on keeping Hoiseth in the loop are 'absolutely asinine'

Amanda Johnson Barton

To The Crookston Times, Mayor Stainbrook & Councilmen Kresl, Baird, and Vedbraaten,

I am presently listening to the live stream of the Ways & Means committee meeting because my husband is obligated to as a department head. I find Tom Vedbraaten's request that Craig Hoiseth be kept in the loop regarding the hiring process for the city administrator position on the grounds that "he'll have to work with this guy" absolutely asinine.

My husband will have to work with the new city administrator. Why not include him and every other department head for that matter? Why not Terri Hegge? Why not the chancellor at UMC? There are many people who will "have to work with" the future city administrator. Craig Hoiseth is not special.

Craig Hoiseth does not run this City; Craig Hoiseth's input doesn't matter. It is telling that Tom's request is that Craig Hoiseth - and not the CHEDA board - be kept in the loop.