New owner of Crookston mobile home parks asks for City garbage service

Mike Christopherson

Crookston’s two mobile home parks, Carman Terrace and North Acres Estates, have been sold to a new owner, and the new owner is requesting that the City of Crookston provide garbage pick-up service to both. Currently, a private contractor provides the service to both developments.

Crookston City Council members and Mayor Dale Stainbrook have some questions, and they’re hoping to speak with the new owner(s) at the council’s June 22 meeting. They’ve been invited to attend in person or communicate with the council and mayor remotely.

Currently, residential properties in Crookston with City water accounts, whether they use the City’s garbage collection service or not, are assessed a garbage collection fee on their monthly water/utility bill. If they want curbside pick-up by the City, they also need to buy special City garbage bags. Public Works Director Pat Kelly said each mobile home park resident receives the same water/utility bill in the mail every month as everyone else, only it does not include the garbage collection fee. If City garbage collection is extended to both mobile home parks, he said, the fee would be added to their monthly bill.

If there are concerns and questions among council members and the mayor, they mostly have to do with making sure residents of the mobile home parks understand that the City will only pick up garbage in City bags. Only during the two clean-up weeks each year, one each in the spring and fall, do City crews pick up non-garbage items at curbside. Stainbrook said it’s his understanding that the private contractor that picks up garbage in the two mobile home parks also routinely picks up and hauls away all kinds of other things. 

“That commercial outfit comes in and picks up everything…tires, lumber,” he said. “They have to understand they can’t just put anything out there and have the City pick it up.”

At Large Council Member Bobby Baird says it’s also important that the mobile home park residents know that if the City offers garbage collection to the mobile home parks, their residents need to know that even if they bring their own garbage to the Polk County Transfer Station, they will pay the garbage fee on their water/utility bill every month.

“We need to just tell them the rules and then just do it,” Baird said.