Crookston Community Pool repairs include leaks and corrosion

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

The Crookston Community Pool will be closed for repairs and maintenance from November 22 through December 27 including a repair of a leak in the pipe for the main water valve of the pool and repairing corrosion of a drain pipe that takes water through the drains from the pool deck down through the drain pipe, City Administrator Amy Finch shared with the Times.

"These repairs require the pool to be drained, leading to the planned closure," she added. 

Park Board Chair Mike LaFrance further detailed the repairs saying some pump parts need to be replaced and because of back-order delays it will take a bit of time to get the parts and install them.

"The tricky issue is the piping that drains the deck drains of the pool area," LaFrance explained. "They're ductile iron and have rusted out. The old plumbing codes required ductile iron piping within the perimeter of a building, which in hindsight was a mistake and PVC is now allowed."

"Replacement would entail tile removal and concrete removal of portions of the pool deck (which is) not the best option due to the need to replace tiles and concrete," he added. "The preferred method of repair is sleeving the existing bad-order pipe which would be done by installing an epoxy-inpregnated fabric sleeve inside the existing pipe, which is "inflated" with hot water under pressure. The hot water causes the epoxy to react and harden, conforming to the profile of the existing pipe. The key to the lining process is determining how bad the existing pipe is by running a video camera thru the pipe and this can't be done until the existing pipe is gently cleaned and opened up. Right now, the existing pipe is partially blocked-probably with dirt falling into the pipe from the outside."

LaFrance also mentioned that a specialist contractor would be coming to clean and video record the existing pipe. Once the videos are reviewed it can then be decided if the pipe can be sleeved or must be replaced.

Pool closed