Senator Mark Johnson and Representative Deb Kiel react to Biden vaccine mandates

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Crookston Times

Senator Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) recently responded to President Joe Biden’s sweeping mandates on employers and employees which require businesses to track vaccine status and require testing for un-vaccinated workers, with significant fines for businesses that don’t comply.

“Biden’s recent statement that ‘it’s not about freedom’  is one of the most depressing and outrageous things a US president could say. America was founded on FREEDOM. These top-down government mandates are antithetical, an anathema, and downright insulting to people’s freedom and liberty guaranteed by our Constitution” Johnson said. “I am all for medical choice. You need to make the decisions that are right for yourself and your family; not government mandates requiring private businesses assault your personal medical decisions. I am appalled by the choices made by Biden and his admiration in just 8 short months. This latest action isn’t an exception to this administration’s performance, it is pattern and practice of liberal disregard for what America is … or perhaps was.”

According to Minnesota DEED Commissioner Steve Grove, the changes would affect 4,800 businesses and 1.4 million workers in Minnesota.  


"President Biden announced that large employers will now be required to have their employees either be vaccinated or be tested weekly for COVID. With this announcement, there was very little detail about how this will be enforced or what this mandate will actually look like.

Since February, House Republicans have been working to address the issue of possible vaccine mandates, and we have introduced numerous bills and offered multiple amendments to keep these decisions local and personal. Unfortunately, House Democrats blocked every attempt to keep the government from interfering in the decision of whether or not a person will get vaccinated.

As more information comes out regarding this mandate, and as the inevitable court challenges begin, I will continue to monitor the issue and stand for local control without top-down mandates."