Travis 'Bull' Johnson campaign kickoff event with Spike Cohen at the Eagles September 25

Times Report
Crookston Times

2020 Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Candidate Jeremy “Spike” Cohen will join Travis “Bull” Johnson for a Campaign Kickoff event Saturday, September 25 at 6 p.m. at the Crookston Eagles Club. Johnson is seeking to unseat Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District incumbent Michelle Fischbach (R) of Paynesville.

The Kickoff sparks a series of events scheduled over the weekend, with fund raising events scheduled in Fargo and Alexandria, and additional speaking engagements in the near future with details forthcoming.

"In an area struggling with the idea of mask and vaccine mandates, Mr. Cohen’s involvement in Bull’s Campaign Kickoff Event provides an early boost for Johnson, as Mr. Cohen continues to be a leading voice within the Liberty movement nationwide," said a media release. "Mr. Johnson’s campaign has quickly gained attention. His Facebook account has already doubled in size compared to that of the DFL front runner, and is quickly approaching that of the current Representative. Mr. Johnson strives to “be a Representative of the People of the 7th district and is not beholden to either major party. This messaging is proving effective with voters across the political spectrum, who feel they do not have a voice."

While speaking at a recent “We the People” rally, Bull summed up the current system by saying, “The Republicans and Democrats no longer see members of Congress as “representatives” of the people, they see each seat as a tick mark, a vote to put themselves in power. Constituents feel that their votes represent nothing more than a means in a quest for power, and it seems we have stopped supporting representatives and started electing rulers.”

Johnson believes this must change "if we are to save our Country."

Travis “Bull” Johnson is a 20 year Army Veteran, a family man and small agriculture producer who lives near Beltrami, MN. Witnessing the power struggle between the Democrats and Republicans, and tired of the Country being pulled apart by those major political parties, Travis has said “Enough is Enough.”

Visit him at his campaign web site: or on Facebook: Learn more about the Candidate and his platform. Links for newsletter sign up and donations options are also included at each site.