CHEDA special meeting includes prelim budget talks, promotion

Jess Bengtson
Crookston Times

The big news that came out of the special Crookston Housing & Economic Development Authority board meeting Tuesday was a recommendation from City Administrator Amy Finch, who is also serving as the interim CHEDA director, to promote longtime employee Theresa Tahran to a supervisor position. Following board consensus, it was mentioned that Tahran will serve as the point person and have the authority to make certain decisions in CHEDA's best interests.

Finch also asked the CHEDA board, who, as a reminder, is now made up of six City Council members and the Mayor, if they could leave money in the budget for a potential third staff member should they find it necessary to bring another person back on.

During the preliminary 2022 budget proposal discussion, Finch said they're working "hard and fast" to get a final ready for September with some adjustments made to accommodate the city's upcoming Community Development department. She also mentioned there were some "ongoing" EDA programs under CHEDA like the loan to Epitome Energy that would be included in the audit.

While talking about monthly management reports and adding a CHEDA "snapshot", board member Dylane Klatt asked Finch if they've thought more on giving the remaining balance of the $350,000 CHEDA allotment that the city provided back to the city if funding requests should come up. Finch explained that's what she envisions, but would like to see those requests to send back over first plus they have an upcoming Community Development budget that will have a pool of money.

"Until we get a Community Development director it's okay where it is right now," she added. "We still have that level of approval and I do see that in the future coming back."

Finch said later that there would be a couple of project requests that will be added on to the September CHEDA agenda, but did not give any additional details.