Crookston patrolman, School Board member stationed at State Capital

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Crookston Times

Crookston School Board member and Highway Patrolman Mike Theis has been temporarily stationed in the Twin Cities, specifically at the state capital, following the death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright and will most likely remain there for the upcoming verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial who is accused of killing George Floyd in May 2020. District 1 Senator Mark Johnson (R-East Grand Forks) sent the Times a couple photos of Theis and said he was fortunate that Theis is stationed at the capital. 

“As you know, due to the unfortunate situation in Brooklyn Center this past Sunday, a large number of our state’s highway patrol officers were called to report to the twin cities,” Johnson explained. “Most of the officers had to throw their stuff in a bag and head down. Now it looks like they will be here for 2-4 weeks.”

“Our very own Crookston school board member and highway patrolman Mike Theis is one of those troopers now station in the twin cities,” he added. “Fortunately for me he is stationed in the basement of the state capital building.”

Johnson said Theis texted him during a finance committee hearing and said he had a few minutes to visit, so at 11:30 p.m. that night they “had a great visit in the basement of the capital and were joined with several of his colleagues.”

“It was fun to see him despite the seriousness of the situation,” Johnson continued. “Come to think of it, he is only second constituent I’ve seen at the capital this year. The other was State Patrolman Aaron Phillipe from Warroad who I met on Monday.”

Sen. Mark Johnson is pictured with Crookston School Board member and State Highway Patrolman Mike Theis
Sen. Mark Johnson is pictured with Mike Theis and other patrolmen