$1.9 trillion relief bill: Approximately $6M for Polk County, around $880K for Crookston

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times

    The numbers from the latest federal COVID-19 stimulus package are coming into focus.

    Here’s how things are shaping up at the moment:

    • The package totals $1.9 trillion.

    • Minnesota is in line to receive $10.1 billion.

    • Minnesota cities, counties and townships will receive $2.1 billion.

    • Polk County is expected to receive just over $6 million.

    • The City of Crookston is expected to receive approximately $880,000.

    Polk County Administrator Chuck Whiting and Crookston Housing and Economic Development Authority (CHEDA) Executive Director Craig Hoiseth both stress that the Polk County and Crookston-specific numbers at this point are merely estimates that they’re getting wind of.

    And beyond the estimates, both say, there is much to be determined and many details to be ironed out.

    “I would expect early (this week) there will be much greater information” on just how the $2.1 billion for Minnesota counties, cities and townships will be allocated, Hoiseth said.

    Whiting said how the county will be able to use the funds will be a topic of discussion when he meets with the Polk County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday. As of now, he’s not sure how the county will be allowed to use the funds.

    “Treasury guidance has not come out yet. It's supposed to be for COVID relief, water, sewer and broadband infrastructure, but the amount it seems to me should be flexible, so we have to wait and see,” Whiting said. “…Obviously I've got some work to do to understand this.”