Tri-Valley Migrant Head Start featured in COVID vaccine documentary

Submitted by Tri-Valley
Crookston Times

Tri-Valley Migrant Head Start was recently featured in a documentary that takes a look at COVID vaccine hesitancy called “Trusted Messenger.” The feature of Tri-Valley in this documentary prompted the Community Action Partnership in Washington D.C. to share the information in their eNews newsletter that goes out all over the country.

The film follows Iris De La Rosa, a nurse who works for Tri-Valley Opportunity Council's Migrant Head Start program. Some people originally from Central America don't question the vaccine because they're used to getting shots as children, she said. But others, who've never had the opportunity to access health care, tell her they don't see the point. De La Rosa said some are against it for religious reasons, and others feel like they have natural immunity.

"What I see a lot in the Hispanic community is just the waiting game,” said De La Rosa, adding that people are waiting to see how others who get vaccinated fare before taking it themselves. “It's just a lot of mistrust."

Listen to the MPRnews clip about “Trusted Messenger” at

Iris De La Rosa, a nurse with Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, who works with Latino immigrants, is featured in the film "Trusted Messenger" discussing the safety of the vaccine with hesitant families.