Tri-Valley recognizes service milestones during Employee Appreciation Month

Submitted by Jason Carlson, Tri-Valley CEO
Crookston Times

    As has become tradition, my space in the May newsletter is reserved to recognize service milestones for our staff as a part of Employee Appreciation Month. Many thanks to all who contribute to Tri-Valley’s mission and in particular the individuals listed below:

5 Years

    Lisa Altepeter

    Marcy Anderson

    Gary Anenson

    Claudia Bernal Chabaud                                                                                                  Jodi Bittner

    Heidi Campos Esparza

    Karina Chavez Reyes

    Erla Escobar

    Margaret Flanagin

    Bradley Francis

    Barbara Garcia

    Laura Garza

    Cindy Gjerswold

    Diane Littlefield

    Martina Mendoza Silva

    Jami Rokala

    Jessica Platz

    Laura Usueta

    Christopher Waechter

10 Years

    Nate Eriksmoen

    Aracely Valencia

    Sandra Gonzalez

    Elizabeth Grosz

    Cara Duke

    Avril Kruchten

    Maria Los Angeles Davila     

    Jasmine Moreno

    Nancy Ramon

    Sylvia Rivera

    Maria Soto

    Cynthia Strand

    Edna Tudon

15 Years

    Jason Carlson

    Ann Holub

    Valarie Schultz

20 Years

    Lorie Palusky

    Diana Rodriguez

25 Years

    Laurie Coleman

    Karissa Judd

    Claudia Sanchez

30 Years

    Cindy Pic