Polk County DAC receives Midcontinent grant

Times Report
Crookston Times

    Polk County Developmental Achievement Center recently received a grant through Midcontinent to purchase an additional industrial shredder for the East Grand Forks location.  Jo Bittner, Executive Director, wrote the grant on behalf of the Polk County DAC.

    Bittner says:    

    “Shredding happens to be one of the favorite jobs at the DAC and our clients earn money doing it.  Shredding is a repetitive and rhythmic task that seems to agree with our clients.  We work in conjunction with Docu-Shred as they often send people our way that do not have a large quantity of shredding, but still have the need for confidential shredding.  The DAC double locks the shredding that is brought to them and clients shred those materials within a week or so.  Most of the people shredding are non-readers so that builds in another layer of confidentiality.”  

    Bittner adds that the DAC in Crookston (515 5th Ave South) and in East Grand Forks (936 1st Ave NE) are always willing to meet shredding needs for a minimal cost plus it helps to employ people with disabilities.  

    “The Mid-Continent Grant will help us keep people working.”

Polk Count DAC Executive Director Jo Bittner