Tri-Valley’s Carlson: ‘You may be offered a vaccine sooner than you maybe thought’

Crookston Times

    February brought us some cold weather, the completion of a housing project, and the reopening of some Migrant and Seasonal Head Start centers.

    During a winter that has been relatively mild (by Minnesota standards) it was a bit of a shock to have such a sustained period of below zero temps. I am sure some house- holds have incurred heating bills due to the cold snap that are causing some difficulty. Please refer anyone you know of who may be in that situation to their local Energy Assistance office. The Department of Commerce recently announced an expanded crisis benefit for low-income households who have fallen behind with their heating bills.

    After a bit more time on the market than anyone would have preferred, the house in Warren that Tri-Valley helped the Northwest Minnesota Housing Consortium build has sold! All three of the homes built by the consortium have now sold. It will be interesting to see if the consortium partners take lessons learned and try to develop more single-family homes.

    In a sure sign of approaching spring, four of our Migrant and Seasonal Head Start centers opened in February. Children and families were welcomed back to Monticello, Rogers, St. Cloud, and Sleepy Eye. The 2021 season has officially begun!

    I will close with a few words on COVID-19 vaccinations. As more and more vaccines become available and more and more of the most vulnerable among us become vaccinated, you may be offered a vaccine sooner than you maybe thought. Eligibility is constantly changing and the manner in which doses are distributed means that there are sometimes doses unexpectedly available. If you are willing to be vacci- nated and are offered a vaccine, you should take it. Please follow Public Health advice and don’t try to hold out for a particular vaccine. Further, don’t think that you are jumping the line if someone calls you. Our Public Health, pharmacy, and Primary Care partners know what they are doing and are putting forth great effort toward effectively vaccinating the public.

Jason Carlson