CHS Kiwanis Builders Club helps Everett with downtown mural

The students learn firsthand just how slow-going the work is

Times Report
Included in this photo are Scott Maves, Trey Everett, Rae French, Linnea French (charter member of the Builders Club) and Meagan Solie and Morgan (baby).

This week, the Kiwanis CHS Junior High (7th and 8th grade) Builders Club "Helping Hands" joined local artist Trey Everett in painting part of the large-scale mural that signifies "Unity and Diversity."  

Last spring the Builders Club was approached by Everett and Scott Maves, owner of Crookston True Value and the building on which the mural is being painted, to participate in a paint grant from True Value for the mural and to learn from the artist and to contribute paint toward the project.   

Haley Letkie, Autumn Rowan, Zac Plante, Lennon Prudhomme, and Lucas Smith are pictured, while School Advisor Meagan Solie and her baby, Morgan, look on.

Students were very interested to learn more about how murals were completed so it was a unanimous “yes.”   

To actually paint on this large canvas was even more exciting as Mercediz Carlson, Hayley Letkie, Autumn Rowan, Zac Plante, Lennon Prudhomme and Lucas Smith came to participate. To keep everyone safe they stayed on the ground and painted in the letters of “Crookston” and what they learned was it takes so much longer then what one would think to paint those letters. Even with six people participating it took more than one hour to get it done.   

Hayley Letkie and Mercedez Carlson paint letters.

The scope of this project, and the meaning behind this project hit home for the Builders members because last year they worked on the topic of "Mental Health," touching on diversity, inclusion, and acceptance.   

These students in years to come will drive by this mural and say "I was part of that.”