Haying opportunity at Rydell National Wildlife Refuge; bids due July 30

Times Report

Individuals are able to bid on the opportunity to hay up to 84 acres (four different fields) on Rydell National Wildlife Refuge this August. The Refuge is located approximately 4 miles southwest of Erskine. The objective of haying these fields is to remove existing vegetation to reduce the litter layer, stimulate new growth, and remove young woody vegetation. This is done in an effort to maintain as much open grassland as possible for waterfowl and other ground-nesting birds.

Bids are due July 30. Interested people can ask questions or get a copy of the bid package mailed to them by contacting Gregg Knutsen at 218-686-4329, or gregg_knutsen@fws.gov. The bid package will also be posted on the Rydell NWR webpage (www.fws.gov/refuge/rydell/). People can also schedule a visit of the four fields to be hayed, prior to submitting a bid.