Girls' lemonade stand is a hit; they'll be back 'bigger and better' at Ox Cart Days

Mike Christopherson
Left to right at their lemonade stand Wednesday are Claire and Anna Heldstab, Makenna Weisse, and Alice Heldstab.

In business, they say location is everything, and a group of Crookston girls found out Wednesday that the top of Landslide Park at the West Sixth Street curve near Groveland Avenue is a great place to set up a lemonade stand.

But sisters Anna, Alice and Claire Heldstab, along with Makenna Weisse, didn’t just offer two varieties of lemonade at their stand – “regular” as well as pink – they also sold iced-tea. And they filled the drinks almost all of the way to the top of full-sized Solo cups, and they wrote “Smile!” in Sharpie marker on every cup. Oh, and they had brownie “bites” for sale, too, some of which were about the size of a whole brownie.

It’s all about offering excellent customer service, said dad Shane Heldstab, who hung around nearby. He and wife Nicole are parents of the trio of Heldstab girls. Weisse is the daughter of Dan and Andrea Weisse.

“If a customer is giving you their money for a cup of lemonade, you give them a nice big cup of lemonade,” he said.

Heldstab said the parents were a big skeptical in regard to the girls’ enthusiasm for operating their lemonade stand and their hopes for a successful day. But, he said, business was steady to strong all day long, and the girls made a handsome profit. In the process, he said, they learned about all the planning that goes into launching an entrepreneurial venture like a lemonade stand, and the time and effort it takes to operate it.

With some fresh new capital at their disposal, Heldstab said the girls are planning to reinvest some of their revenue in their business and come back “bigger and better” during Ox Cart Days, which once again this year will feature a “Kids’ Lemonade Stand Contest,” sponsored by Alluma.