Northwestern Mental Health Center is now Alluma

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Alluma CEO Shauna Reitmeier

Northwestern Mental Health Center, a private, non- profit behavioral health center, has changed their name to Alluma. The clinic, under the new name Alluma, said in making the announcement that it is “evolving to meet the growing the needs of the community.”

The name change took effect July 1.

“Our community needs and the area we serve has evolved. We believe our new name better reflects who we are and the people we support,” said Alluma CEO Shauna Reitmeier. “Our former name caused confusion and didn’t accurately depict the reach of our services.”

Alluma provides integrated, research-based care for everyone. Clinicians and staff work with clients on a more human level to foster wellbeing and resiliency across the region they serve. Alluma staff members, the announcement states, “go the extra mile to build capacity in individuals, reaching out to help clients connect to services tailored to their needs.”

Alluma logo

“The name Alluma was created by intentionally combining the word ‘all’ and the Latin term for light, ‘luma,’ or ‘illuminate,’ creating a new word that could be interpreted as ‘everyone shines,’” Reitmeier explains. “It communicates that our agency provides a beacon of light and hope for our community.”

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FAQs and answers

Why the Name Change?

    • We are evolving to meet our clients, community needs

    • We have been in business for nearly 60 years and want to ensure our name reflects the

positive work we do

    • We found our name created confusion – many businesses in the area use the same geographic identifier – and the letters in our abbreviation were difficult to understand when spoken

Has Anything Else Changed?

    • We’re excited to unveil our new website: along with our new face in social spaces including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn

    • Our Crookston and East Grand Forks facilities will be updated to reflect our new name and brand identity

    • Our board of directors and leadership team haven’t changed and will continue to guide our strategic growth and ensure Alluma provides the same high quality and accessible services our clients and communities trust

    • Services will be provided in the same manner and we’ll be exploring ways to expand service delivery to meet people where they are when they need support

    • While our name has changed, clients and vendors won’t experience a change or disruption in billing and payment practices

    • We’ll be expanding partnerships to bring our services to a larger population in Minnesota

About Alluma

Alluma is an inclusive nonprofit organization based in Crookston, Minnesota. Our story began in 1962 with a vision of building a community-based care system to ensure high-quality access to mental health services in the region. For nearly 60 years, we've provided evidence-based, client-focused care in northwestern Minnesota. Alluma takes an uncommon approach, integrating mental health and substance use care into overall wellbeing. Rooted in research and focused on relationships, we go above and beyond to build capacity in individuals and help clients get connected. We are open for everyone, anytime. Clients, teammates, caregivers, friends and families, and allies. You matter to Alluma, and we're here to help.