'Messiah's Mansion' tabernacle assembly almost compete in Crookston; free tours July 3-11

Free tours will be available July 3-11. Make your reservation online.

Times Report
A wide view of the assembly process of Messiah's Mansion

A full-scale, artistically-crafted replica of the ancient Hebrew tabernacle (CrookstonTabernacleTour.com) built in the wilderness by the Hebrew nation will be on display and available for free tours from July 3-11 at 707 4th Ave NE, adjacent to the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Crookston’s northeast corner, along Barrette Street.

    “Travel back over 3,000 years into the desert between Egypt and Israel, where more than two million people banded together to build this sanctuary for their God. Each element in the tabernacle had deep significance to the Hebrew people, which will be explained in the tour,” reads a release announcing the exhibit in Crookston.

Another view of the assembly process

 Tours will run daily from 1 to 7 p.m. from July 3-10, and 1 to 4 p.m. on July 11. Reservations can be made online at CrookstonTabernacleTour.com.

    The “Messiah’s Mansion” tour is divided into five sections, each lasting about 15 minutes.

Like the Old Testament Tabernacle, carried from camp to camp by the Hebrews in the wilderness, this historically-accurate model spends a lot of time traveling.

    Messiah’s Mansion is based at Oklahoma Academy in Harrah, Okla., but it is transported coast to coast from locales such as Ventura, Calif., to Cumberland, Md., and then back again.

A closer view of the assembly

    Operated by the staff and students of Oklahoma Academy, Messiah’s Mansion has been offering traveling tours since 2003. The students, along with many volunteers, have completed over 250 exhibits in over 30 states, Canada and Jamaica.

Messiah’s Mansion founders made every effort to include each item that was listed to be inside the original tabernacle, the release states. This modern tabernacle is built to scale, and is intended to look just like the original did to the ancient Hebrews, the release continues.