Community Connections: Profile of former Times intern Ben Halos

Mike Christopherson
Ben Halos, center, is a member of the DTS Fraternity at UMN Crookston.

What year did you work in the Crookston Times newsroom?

• I worked as the student writer during the spring of 2017, my last semester of high school.

What was your favorite part of your experience at the Times?

• My favorite part of the experience was when I was able to write articles of my choosing. When I was given this opportunity, I almost always chose to write about sports. These were my favorites because I was able to write about something that I was truly passionate about. 

What was the biggest thing you learned about yourself and/or the biggest life lesson that you took with you when you left the Times?

• Probably the biggest thing that I learned about myself when I worked at the Times was just how much I enjoyed writing articles. I think that this helped to prepare me for college since I am required to write so many more essays than I ever had to in high school.

What have you been doing since? Give us an update on where you’re at, what you’re doing, who you’re with, etc.

• I am very busy these days with college, three jobs, and a variety of other things. I am currently in my final semester at UMC, majoring in Sport and Recreation Management and minoring in Coaching. This semester I am completing my internship, working under Shawn Smith for UMC Athletics. My job has mainly consisted of calling stats or taking pictures during the game, but once baseball season starts I will begin writing game stories for UMC website. I am also currently the junior varsity baseball coach for Crookston High School and will begin coaching again on March 22. My third job is working as a shift manager at Happy Joe’s, where I have worked since I was 16. I had a year off from working there but went back last year shortly after the start of the pandemic.

What are you passionate about these days?

• Sports have always been my passion and this is why I am working toward a career in this field. Another thing that I have really become passionate about during my time at UMC is my fraternity. I joined Delta Theta Sigma my first semester at UMC, and since then I have spent countless hours with my fraternity brothers doing community service, philanthropy events, recruitment events, and just making a number of great friends along the way. I am currently the president and am focusing on preparing the fraternity for next year when I and many others will have graduated.

Ben Halos and his dog

You have a mullet hairstyle. It’s reminiscent of mine around 30 years ago, although mine was longer, more lush and more impressive overall. But when I had one, it was the trendy hair choice for countless young men. There are far fewer mullets these days. Tell us what inspires your bold hairstyle choice…

• When I was in high school I decided I wanted to grow my hair out and I considered it “baseball hair.” Throughout college I have kept it because I enjoy having long hair and it is also just one of the things that people automatically associate me with.

Tell us how the pandemic impacted you/continues to impact you…

• The pandemic impacted me the most early on. I had just started my first season as the junior varsity baseball coach and the season was postponed, and ultimately cancelled after only a couple of practices. The most major way that it still is impacting me is in school. Prior to Covid-19, I had never taken any online classes, but this year roughly half of my classes have been online with the others being on campus.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

• When I have spare time I usually like to spend it with friends doing an assortment of different things. I also got a dog last year and I spend a lot of time with her, as well as time with my family.

Look in your life’s crystal ball: Where do you think/hope you’ll be 10 years from now, and what do you think/hope you’ll be doing?

•I am pretty open to living anywhere in the future. I will go wherever my career takes me. I hope that by then I will have a family and will be advancing in the field of sports. I really love coaching baseball and I am hoping that whatever I end up doing, I will be able to continue coaching in the future.