Grant from Walmart helps Crookston Police Department replace technology

Mike Christopherson
Back row left to right are Dave Grabowski, Paul Biermaier and Don Rasicot. Front row left to right are Tom, Walmart associate, Darin Selzler, Store Manager David Olson, and Ryan Brekken

A $4,500 grant from Walmart in Crookston will help the interview room at the Crookston Police Department get back up and running after its recording system suddenly failed a few weeks ago.

    The grant will help get the room back to functioning at a basic, minimum level, CPD Chief Paul Biermaier says, but that the new equipment will also make it possible to add enhancements with additional cameras and data storage. He estimates the Walmart grant will cover more than half the cost it will take to get the interview room system running the way the CPD wants it to.

    The Crookston City Council this week formally accepted the grant from Walmart, which also covers installation and training.

    Biermaier said the interview room technology was around 15 years old and had been upgraded once. A couple weeks before it broke down, he said the CPD had begun assessing future needs, which included additional cameras in and around its headquarters on West Robert Street. Around that time, CPD Officer Don Rasicot became aware of a grant opportunity at Walmart and submitted an application.

    “We’re pretty excited about this, and it comes at the best time for us,” Biermaier says, adding, “If there’s money to be found, Don’s probably going to be able to find it.”