Semi carrying wind turbine blade misses bypass turn, gets stuck in downtown Crookston

It was guided by pilot vehicles in the front and rear, and after consulting with local law enforcement and blocking traffic downtown, the semi driver successfully drove in reverse back to Fairfax Ave.

Mike Christopherson
Crookston Times
Crookston Police Officer Dacian Bienek points east toward East Robert Street Monday afternoon in downtown Crookston as he talks with CPD officer Ryan Bergquist and two Minnesota State Patrol troopers.

A semi pulling a wind turbine blade almost 250 feet long and guided by pilot vehicles in the front and rear somehow missed the turn onto the truck bypass around Crookston on the east end of town, via Fairfax Avenue, and ended up trapped downtown Monday afternoon.

The wind turbine blade is just under 250 feet long.
The semi driver talks on his radio shortly before beginning his exit from downtown Crookston in reverse.

After strategizing with Crookston Police officers, Minnesota State Patrol troopers and the Minnesota Department of Transportation, driving in reverse for a little more than a mile back to the Fairfax Avenue turn was deemed the only viable option and the driver was able to successfully do so, starting at the intersection of Robert Street and Broadway and traveling slower than a walking pace most of the way. He was escorted by his pilot vehicles and several local law enforcement vehicles, who blocked traffic from heading east on Robert Street while he performed his reverse maneuver.

The semi parked facing west in the eastbound lanes of U.S. Highway 2 in downtown Crookston (Robert Street) and took up the entire block.
Driving in reverse at about the speed of a walking pedestrian, the semi driver makes his way in reverse around a mile or so from downtown Crookston toward the bypass turn onto Fairfax Avenue.