Annette Eisfeld reitring after three decades in St. James Public Schools

Sean Ellertson

At the end of September, long-time secretary and administrative assistant Annette Eisfeld will retire from St. James Public Schools.

Eisfeld got her start with the St. James school district in August of 1988 at St. James High School as a secretary in the high school office.

In 2014, moved to the district office as an Administrative Assistant and MARSS Coordinator.

In her 32 years in the district, Eisfeld says that she has seen the district change in a variety of ways, but that students are still the same.

"Kids are kids. Their clothes change, their vernacular changes a little bit, but they're attitudes are the same no matter what. The way of getting through to them has changed since we first started."

The transformation of the focuses of the district is also one of the massive changes Eisfeld noted.

"It was very much an agricultural community and the school was very ag oriented. Since then, we've went through the process of promoting two and four-year colleges and education after school."

Eisfeld says she always loved the first day of school and seeing all the students dressed up to make a good first impression on the school year, with the halls still smelling like cleaning products.

Eisfeld recalls one of her favorite memories was watching the girl's basketball team state tournament games inside the Little Theater with the students,

Retirement has been on Eisfeld's mind for a year.

"It's one of those things I knew was on the horizon. I kind of feel bad about going out during this COVID-19 mess because I know I could be of some help."

In her retirement, Eisfeld and her husband plan to visit their daughter, son-in-law, and two grandsons in Virginia.

Also in the retirement plans are fishing trips, keeping up with the farm, knitting, crocheting, and keeping up with her computer skills that she harnessed while working for St. James Public Schools.