United Way of Crookston 2020 grant recipient: Villa/SUMMIT purchases electrostatic 360 Clorox sanitizing system with grant funds

A snippet of the video thanking United Way of Crookston

    Here's what the Villa St. Vincent/The SUMMIT has to say about their 2020 grant received from United Way of Crookston:

    Crookston United Way donors strengthen their community to its core. Who would have predicted Villa St. Vincent/The SUMMIT’s initial project to enhance physical connections with our residents/tenants and the Crookston community at large would come to a screeching halt because of a worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic?  In true American spirit, we all quickly regrouped and refocused the investment to acquire a specialized electrostatic sanitizing system; a 360 Clorox Machine.  

    In mere seconds, the 360 Clorox Machine provides superior coverage and reach;  killing in its path 99.9% of disease causing pathogens, including  COVID-19.  By preventing a single case of this unpredictable and complicated disease,  the potential risk of the spread to an entire facility can be eliminated.  

    This generous gift from the Crookston United Way is being used to save, not only the lives of our entire Villa/SUMMIT Family and Team, but the loved ones of theirs...and the loved ones of theirs...and the loved ones of theirs...

    THANK YOU, United Way of Crookston and all of your compassionate and generous donors!