UMN Crookston embarks on an unusual fall semester

Mike Christopherson
UMN Crookston students chat on the Campus Mall

    In some ways, it looked like a typical opening weekend at the University of Minnesota Crookston, with parents and siblings helping students move into residence halls and other students poised to start fall semester classes on Aug. 25 making their way around campus participating in various activities and getting acclaimed to their new college surroundings.

    But with the COVID-19 pandemic making nothing typical these days, students are not arriving in normal fashion on the Crookston campus, and the start of classes won’t be normal, either. There will be masks, there will be social-distancing, there will be constant cleaning and disinfecting, and there will be a mix of in-person classes and remote learning online.

    The Times reached out to UMN Crookston leaders for the current enrollment numbers as fall semester gets underway, and Brandy Chaffee, director of alumni and university relations, provided the following figures:

    • 650 students are enrolled on-campus

    • 375 are living in the residence halls

    • 1,075 are enrolled as entirely online students

    That adds up to a total of 1,725 degree-seeking students at UMN Crookston for fall semester.

    UMN Crookston Chancellor Mary Holz-Clause, in a letter to the community in advance of the start of the semester, details some of what’s happening and what to expect on campus.

Saturday on the UMN Crookston Campus Mall, new students and resident advisors played a game of ultimate Frisbee.