Ox Cart Days Virtual Scavenger Hunt - Day 1

Crookston Times

The Ox Cart Days' Virtual Scavenger Hunt began Monday, August 17 and will run through Friday, August 21. All you have to do is snap photos of the items and submit them to Ox Cart Days for your chance to win gift cards to local businesses.

Rules: Find the items on the daily list and submit photos of those items to Crookston Ox Cart Days on Facebook, as a message on their website www.crookstonoxcartdays.com, in an email to crookstonoxcartdays@gmail.com or text to 701-610-6454.

Find these items in your homes, at local businesses, or outdoors.

Monday, August 17 items to find:


    A stack of pancakes

    A bunch of bananas

    Peanut butter and jelly sandwich


    Two hamburgers

    An ear of corn


    French fries

    Macaroni and cheese