Lots of water rushing through Fertile, Gary areas after massive Friday rains

Times Report
The bridge over the Sandhill River on hole 9 at the Sandhill River Golf Club in Fertile has water running over it, and its been damaged by limbs crashing into it.

The Sandhill River Golf Club in Fertile recorded 2.25 inches of rain in its gauge on Friday, which the course and its sandy soil can take in relatively easy. As a result, the course's tee time book was booked solid all afternoon on a gorgeous Saturday.

Areas in and around Crookston on the soggy day received anywhere from a little more than one inch to a little more than two inches.

But they knew in Fertile that, with areas to the east and in the Gary area receiving up to 10 inches of rain on Friday,the water was coming. Saturday night, it rushed in, over-running the bridge over the Sandhill River on hole 9, with broken limbs striking the bridge and damaging it. With so much water coming through and ponding in areas of play, the golf course is closed on Sunday.

Ditches along Highway 32 in the Gary area are full to the top.

The swollen Sandhill River near the hole 9 green in Fertile