LETTER: Thank you, CHEDA, from PSF

Kay Hegge, executive director
Prairie Skyline Foundation

The Prairie Skyline Foundation (PSF) would like to publicly thank the Crookston Housing and Economic Development (CHEDA), for providing the PSF Board with plenty of time to update their Board members on the Old Cathedral project.  Most of all we thank them, for helping us during a cash flow crunch. The loan will help with the implementation of the “Legacy” Roof grant and will be paid back from grant funds.  Not everyone understands that the administration of any grant comes with requirements to be met on time.  The requirements do not necessarily follow the construction process.  This loan creates a bridge between the grant requirements and the contractor's process. PSF is still actively fundraising for the “match” to the Legacy grant and we will need to pay the 5% interest on the loan. We welcome donations of any size from the Community, in the form of financial donations or items that can be used to raise funds.

PSF maintains its intent to bring a wonderful resource to our community, in the form of a Community Center with art activities, and to promote diversity through sharing of cultures and a place to express oneself in a positive way. Whether you see us on the front page or on the back page of the news, we are here, and we will keep working to create beautiful places for our community.

Although it is true that CHEDA didn’t initially have all the information they needed, they were willing to listen, and ask some serious questions, like “What if the State grantor changes their mind about following through on their contract?” Covid-19 has caused changes at all levels of government, and life nowadays depends on staying positive. People will tend to remember the top of the fold front-page news, not our response, and because of that, might not even remember how CHEDA came through for us.  

So next time you see the Board Members, Kurt Heldstab, Chair, Paul Eickhof, Craig Morgan, Leon Kremeier, Steve Erickson, Tom Vedbratten, Betty Arvidson,  and Mayor Dale Stainbrook- Board Liaison, please thank them for helping us out.