Crookston Collector’s Club to restart meetings at the Golden Link

A political button collection by Jerry Knutson including 1988 Presidential candidates.

    Is collecting a “thing of the past?” Not according to the 12-15 club members who will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Golden Link on the second Monday of each month (April through December.) Masks and social distancing will be required at upcoming meetings.

    The upcoming topics shared at meetings will be fishing items (August 10), candy containers (September 14), belt buckles (October 12), and nativity sets (November 9.) Recent topics have included vintage tools, lamps and sewing items; wind-up tin toys, political buttons, and saints; coins and stamps; cows, clowns, and crocks; movie posters and calendars; and sugar beet history in Red River Valley.

    You are encouraged to attend a Crookston Collector’s Club meeting. For more information call 218-281-6262.

    See photos below of political buttons from a  local collector and consider the answers to these questions to get a better idea of what the club discusses and possibly enhance your interest in joining in the club.

    (1) In 2016, why did Republicans select outsider Donald Trump as nominee for President when several well-known political leaders sought the endorsement?

    (2) In 2020, why did Democrats select elderly career politician Joe Biden as nominee for President when several young progressives wanted the endorsement?

    (3) In 1988, many Republicans and Democrats sought their party’s endorsement for President. Who were the endorsed candidates of the two major political parties? Note: Some names from 1988 are still active in politics and hoping to be President.