Villa St. Vincent, Summit residents and staff to get COVID-19 testing Wednesday

Times Report

    The State of Minnesota has launched a new plan to test all residents and employees of Minnesota nursing homes and assisted living communities, and the Villa St. Vincent/The Summit will be participating July 8, 2020. In a letter to residents, tenants and families, the Villa said they are choosing to participate in the effort because of the benefits it offers to their residents and employees.

    “At Villa St. Vincent/The Summit, protecting the health and safety of our residents and staff is our number one priority,” said Executive Director Judy Hulst. “As you are aware, we have implemented aggressive infection control measures to prevent the virus from entering our campus.”

    “One benefit for our residents and staff is gaining peace of mind by learning their personal status,” she wrote. “Knowing their personal status also helps us to better protect our residents and staff by identifying those who may be positive for COVID-19 but are not having any symptoms. Once identified, we can implement additional infection control measures quickly to better care for those who may be infected.”

    The test that will be used is the “Nasopharyngeal” (NP) or nasal swab test which identifies active infections in individuals.

    “The Minnesota National Guard will be coming to our facility to collect test samples of all our residents and staff,” Hulst added. “Since the testing will be done in the rooms or apartments of the residents/tenants, staff from the Villa/Summit/MSBLC will accompany National Guard members to the resident/tenant rooms and assist as needed.”

    Hulst said test results are expected to be available within 24-48 hours and there is no cost to the residents for the tests as all insurers are required to pay for the testing.