Public Works - Crookston to spray for mosquitoes weekly

Mike Christopherson

    With summer in full swing and a couple of recent significant rain events in Crookston giving the local mosquito population ample opportunity to exponentially increase its numbers, the City of Crookston will likely be spraying for mosquitoes at least weekly for the foreseeable future, Public Works Director Pat Kelly tells the Times.

    “I imagine we’ll be spraying regularly for a while,” he said.

    The City uses two pickup-mounted sprayers to cover the entire town in a single evening. It costs around $1,600 each time the City sprays, Kelly said. Currently, there is just over $30,000 in the pest control budget allocated for mosquito spraying. Kelly said around $8,000 will come out of that budget to buy a new sprayer to replace an aging one.

    The City last replaced a sprayer in 2016, he noted, adding that the one that will be replaced this year is 21 years old.