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As low as 99¢ for the first month

City Council Ways & Means Committee moves to allow city garbage service for local mobile home parks

Jess Bengtson
Assistant Editor
North Acres Estates and Carmen Terrace mobile home parks owner Andrew Keel, pictured over video conference on screen on the right, visited with the City Council's Ways & Means Committee about their request for city garbage collection which was approved.

    The Crookston City Council Ways & Means Committee approved city garbage collection for the local mobile home parks during their meeting this week which included a video conference from new parks owner Andrew Keel. His associate, John Squartino, was present at City Hall to help relay information.

    The mobile home park’s garbage collection service will start on Monday, July 6, with Carmen Terrace pick-up on Mondays and North Acres pick-up on Thursdays, and tenants will need to purchase yellow and orange city garbage bags, and recycling bins to utilize the service. Interim City Administrator Angel Weasner told Keel and Squartino that bags are available at Thrifty White Pharmacy, Hugo’s, and Ampride, and recycling bins can be purchased for $5 each at City Hall.

    Keel told the committee that the mobile home park residents are “city residents like anyone else in the community” and thought the request was reasonable. The parks’ garbage collection had previously been contracted out as commercial.

    Mayor Dale Stainbrook commended Keel and Squartino for their recent cleanup of Carmen Terrace with Keel mentioning they spent close to $10,000 bringing in dumpsters and doing a “full cleanup” to get rid of “big stuff” after Stainbrook first voiced his concerns about park tenants putting out larger items like sofas and tires. Stainbrook also reminded the park owners that there are just two city cleanup days, once in the spring and fall, for large items.

    Ward 6 City Council Member Dylane Klatt asked about the city’s authority to “move things” or “clean up” if there were any large garbage items left out and was told that the mobile home park owners and tenants would be responsible.

    Ward 1 City Council Member Jake Fee asked Public Works Director Pat Kelly if the parks would be difficult for city garbage trucks to “navigate” and Kelly responded saying they would not be as two cars can pass on their main roads. Kelly also clarified that the tenants would get charged for the garbage collection service after being prompted by Fee.

    Keel told the committee that there are close to 62 permanent mobile homes currently in the two parks, plus they have an RV (recreational vehicle) area that is busy during certain times of the year. Keel added that he would be accepting responsibility for garbage collection from RV residents.