2020 Community Connections - Stefani Bingham Photography: Her first birth session was ‘nothing short of incredible’

Bailey Bradford
Times Intern
Ethan Stroot senior baseball photo

    Stefani Bingham, lifetime resident of Crookston, has been running Stefani Bingham Photography for the last six years, armed and ready with her Nikon for whatever job she’s on.

    Her physical studio primarily functions for when the cold weather interferes, as Stefani would never miss a golden hour sunset or sunrise; a time where her creativity really thrives.

    She loves taking senior photos, especially outdoors.     

    She started out using herself as a test subject when she was 14, self-teaching along the way.

    Stefani cites her only stress often coming from technical issues, and suggests insurance in any and all scenarios to others in the business.

    Her favorite experience was her first birth session; Stefani stated it was “nothing short of incredible” to be present and capture those first moments of life.