2020 Community Connections - kJad Productions: Favorite place to shoot video is the Highland Complex skate park he helped raise money for

Jess Bengtson
Bo Brorby on a "Hotel Impossible" video shoot in South Dakota

How long have you been a photographer/videographer? Also, if different, how long have you been "getting paid" for photography/videography?

    I have been shooting video since I was 14 starting with making skateboarding videos with my friends, took video classes all of high school & attended a film school program. I have been producing video with payment since about 2011.

What kind of equipment do you use - both indoors and outdoors?

    I have slowly acquired a lot of equipment, 2 Panasonic HD camcorders, 1 4K Panasonic camcorder, Canon Mark iii, bunch of lights, DJI osmos, DJI Mavic Pro Drone, sony lav mics ect

Do you like to shoot indoors or outdoors better, and why?

    I normally would prefer to shoot outdoors as I just enjoy being outdoors but it all depends on what is being filmed.

What is your favorite style of photography/videography? - wedding, events/festivals, etc.

    Over all I enjoy producing stories/films/concerts

How did you get into photography/videography?

    I have always been in to video and my friends and I growing up skateboarded so when I got my first camcorder I just started filming us all skating and doing dumb videos. CHS had a great video dept thanks to Tony Grove so all of High School I had video classes - started with Video Production, then took Independent Film, News Broadcasting, & Sr Video.

Do you have to have a license or certification to be a videographer?

    Yes I have a certification in Video Production through Entertainment Career Connection where they set you up with an internship at a near studio which I did mine at Studio 7/Mobile Pro out of Fargo, ND.

Where is your favorite spot in Crookston to take photos/shoot video?

    My favorite place to shoot in Crookston would be at the skatepark at Highland Complex. The area is great and my friends & I raised the money for the skatepark.

Name a memorable paid shoot - best or worst - and tell us why it was the best or worst.

    I would say my favorite shoot I have done is the 3rd episode of Hotel Impossible I worked on for Travel Channel, I got on the episode that was in town for the Crookston Inn and they called me back few months later to go to Williston to work on another episode, then 2 years later I got a call to do a higher up job and the episode was going to be in Deadwood, SD. Was the Swing Grip so I drove a U-Haul full of gear to all the different locations and set up the shots and helped with production. I love to travel so it was so awesome getting paid to travel to the Blackhills where I have never been & help produce a popular TV show.

What location is on your "bucket list" to take photos/video? (i.e. Hawaii, Caribbean, mountains, etc.)

    I do not have a specific location I would like to shoot but my dream would to be to work on a big production for a movie in a sweet location like Hawaii or get to travel the country with a band and document their journey.

What's the first thing you would you tell someone that's looking at becoming a videographer? (i.e. equipment to buy, what to look out for, etc.)

    If I would give out any advice to someone who is trying to start doing video work is take all the opportunities that come your way. Specially living in the area we do there is not always a ton of video work, I spent many year looking online daily on people looking for videographers and you might come across some gigs that end up being busts but you never know what will come out of something, I have had some shoots that turn out being waste of time, not get paid ect but I ended up meeting some great people that later on got me tons of different gigs. So be open minded to different things and you never know where it can bring you.