2020 Community Connections - Andy Hall Sweetlight Gallery: He's haunted by a red sunset and cites his most rewarding experience which was not captured in a photograph

Bailey Bradford
Times Intern

    The Sweetlight Gallery is run by Andy Hall, a 22-year professional photographer, who has been taking photos for years, even teaching photography.

    Primarily an outdoor photographer, his greatest interests are found objects, flora, and still life.

    Years of watching carousel 2-by-2 photos as a child with popcorn and hot chocolate, Andy carried that interest for photography until after college, when it was given a chance to truly thrive.

    He attended the Minneapolis Community and Technical College for two years, studying studio lighting, taught photography at Dakota Technical, and has participated in the Twin Cities camera exchange.

    Andy is haunted by a red sunset and beautiful cloud deck in the Twin Cities that he lacked a tripod to capture, but cites his most rewarding experience as one where he never captured a photo, either. A four mile hike, jogging in rain to a rocky Michigan shoreline gave no results, but Andy felt such exhilaration and such true life at the experience, it didn’t matter by the end.

    His favorite places in Crookston to take photos are the Glacial Ridge land and the abandoned buildings around town.