LETTER: Parents are the key to a future without prejudice

Linda Tagliabue

It breaks my heart when I hear George Floyd saying he can’t breathe and calling out to his mother. When are we going to accept each other based on character, morals, integrity and other values, instead of the color of our skin. I am so tired of officers killing black people because they themselves are prejudiced. How many more George Floyds have to die?

I’ve lived in Crookston for 30-plus years and I have heard remarks and witnessed prejudice right here in Crookston. Some of the remarks I have heard have come right out of the mouths of your most adamant church-goers.

I was raised in East Grand Forks and I was raised to be prejudiced; my dad was prejudiced against Mexicans. When I was in fourth grade, a boy in my class came to m y house with 7-UP bottle caps to ask me to go the WW Theatre. I went in the house to ask and that’s when I learned just how prejudiced my dad was. He yelled, “Get that son of a (EXPLETIVE) out of here! And he better not come back!” I was so embarrassed and couldn’t understand why. He was a nice boy. 

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30s that I realized I could make my own choices. That’s how long it took to get all of the propaganda out of my head.

Parents, I believe, are the key to accepting people for who they are. It would stop killing and bullying no matter what color skin they have. If brought up to be accepting of other people’s races, there would be no prejudice ever.

I have an eight-year-old black/white grandson. He is smart, kind, opens doors for people at restaurants, he has a soft heart, a great personality, sticks up for the underdog, is great at basketball, and he is always smiling. His mother is already teaching him what to do when he is older, if he is stopped by police officers, to keep him safe.

It’s a shame that in 2020, we are still dealing with racism. If we could put ourselves in other people’s shoes, we would, I believe, be more tolerant and accepting of each other.

Keep praying for our country.