Sign Up for RiverView’s Virtual Type 2 Diabetes Support Group

RiverView Health

Have you or a family member recently been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes? Or, have you had diabetes for some time and could use some new tips to help you through a rough patch? Either way, RiverView Health would like to help by establishing a free, virtual Type 2 Diabetes Support Group.

The group will begin through virtual (Zoom or telephone) meetings if there is interest. Support group meetings were held before the COVID-19 pandemic, with a few virtual meetings taking place since COVID restrictions hampered face-to-face meetings. Previous sessions included guest speakers and special topics. RiverView Clinical Dietitian Laura Slaathaug would like to continue to offer those features.

Slaathaug invites interested individuals to contact her to discuss possible offerings. Call Slaathaug at 281.9589 or by Jan. 30.

RiverView Health Diabetes Support Group